WARNING: The metaverse is in trouble

Waves of killer bots 🤖 were unleashed to take over the metaverse 🌐…
One doggo 🐕 by the name of Doge (so much ❤️) steps up to save the day.

Man's best friends vs. Mankind's biggest threat


Survive waves of bots to collect tokens and NFTs

Web 3D

Merging Web 3.0 and 3D for immersive experiences

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"I will now f*ing destroy any bot I see out of an abundance of caution - starting with my Roomba"

An honest review by a 'Doge vs. Bots' fan

We do not condone acts of violence on bots, including but not limited to your residential vacuum... unless they had that sh*t coming ¯ \ _ (ツ)_/¯ feel me?